Day 1

8:30AM-8:50AM | Opening Keynote - State of the Industry - Where the Metaverse is Today

8:50AM-9:30AM | Main Session - Metaverse Platform Roundtable- Hardware, Experiences and Beyond

9:30AM-9:50AM | Keynote - The Road to Interoperability

9:50AM-10:30AM | Break and Coffee

10:30AM-10:50AM | Keynote- Facilitating Commerce in the Metaverse

10:50AM-11:30AM | Main Session- Building Brand Experiences in the Metaverse

11:30AM-11:50AM | Keynote- Fashion Case Study

11:50AM-1:20AM | Lunch/Exhibits 



Track Sessions

Live Entertainment and Events

1:20PM-2:00PM | Panel - The Current and Future Landscape of Live Entertainment in the Metaverse

2:00PM-2:20PM | Keynote/Case Study - TV and the Metaverse

2:20PM-3:00PM | Panel - Taking Fandom to the Next Level: The Role of Virtual Worlds



1:20PM-2:00PM | Panel - Bringing Brands into Your Game: Opportunities and Challenges

2:00PM-2:20PM | Keynote/Case Study - Developing for Cross Platform Games: What You Need to Know

2:20PM-3:00PM | Panel - How AR/VR Are Poised to Revolutionize Gaming


Retail and Digital Goods/Services

1:20PM-2:00PM | Panel - Metaverse 101 for Retail: Separating Hype from Reality

2:00PM-2:20PM | Keynote/Case Study - Advertising Opportunities in the Metaverse

2:20PM-3:00PM | Panel - Storefronts in the Metaverse: Planning for the Future, Today



1:20PM-2:00PM | Panel - Workspaces and Enterprise Collaboration in the Metaverse

2:00PM-2:20PM | Keynote/Case Study - The Metaverse and Manufacturing

2:20PM-3:00PM | Panel - Reimagining Events and Meetings in the Metaverse

3:00PM-3:30PM | Break

3:30PM-4:15PM | Networking - Peer to Peer Discussion Groups

4:15PM-6:00PM | Reception


Day 2

8:30AM-8:50AM | Keynote - Predicting the Metaverse of Tomorrow

8:50AM-9:30AM | Main Session - Getting Started in the Metaverse: What Brands Need to Know

9:30AM-9:50AM | Keynote/Case Study - How to Build Your Brand’s Very Own “Metaverse team”

9:50AM-10:20AM | Break 


Track Sessions


10:20AM-10:55AM | Panel - Networking and The Metaverse: Solving for Latency, Reliability, and Bandwidth

11:00AM-11:15AM | Keynote - Enabling Massive Interactive Live Events

11:20AM-11:55AM | Panel - The Future of Compute - Location, Decentralization, and Beyond



10:20AM-10:55AM | Panel - Figuring Out Currency and Payments for Your Virtual World

11:00AM-11:15AM | Keynote - Opportunities with NFTs

11:20AM-11:55AM | Panel - The Road to Cross Platform Ownership of Digital Goods


Experience Development

10:20AM-10:55AM | Panel - Experience Design Roundtable - Lessons from Early 3D Virtual Storefronts

11:00AM-11:15AM | Retail Case Study

11:20AM-11:55AM | Panel - Getting Ready for the AR Revolution - How Smart Glasses Will Transform Brick and Mortar 

12:00PM-12:15PM | Keynote -5G’s Role in the Metaverse

12:00PM-12:15PM | Getting Started with Crypto

12:00PM-12:15PM | Agency Case Study

12:15PM-1:30PM | Lunch and Exhibits

1:30PM-3:30PM | Startup Competition/Innovation Showcase

3:30PM-3:35PM | Closing Remarks