The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of life. This is especially true in higher education. The manner in which instructors teach and students learn in this new blended education environment will never be the same. As a result, higher education institutions have had to accelerate their technology usage and investments to better Engage students, ensure Accessibility for all, and to more effectively Assess knowledge and progress.

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2:00 PM-2:35 PM ET
Keynote: The Accelerated Rate of Technology Adoption
Many universities were caught flat footed in the spring of 2020 when COVID-19 hit, and they had to immediately embrace a full online learning or blended curriculum. In many instances instructors did have the right technology tools or training in place to effectively teach their courses and universities and colleges themselves did not have the right connectivity and bandwidth capabilities. Institutions had to reinvent their pedagogy approach and accelerate technology adoption for instructors to successfully teach and students learn online


2:00 PM-2:45 PM ET

Keynote: The Accelerated Rate of Technology Adoption​

2:50 PM - 3:00 PM ET 
Networking Break

3:00 PM-3:30 PM ET
Panel Session: TechEd Tools and Lesson Strategies to Better ENGAGE Students​

3:30 PM - 3:40 PM ET 
Networking Break

3:40 PM-4:10 PM ET
Panel Session: Ensuring Student ACCESSIBILITY in a Blended Learning Environment​

4:10 PM - 4:20 PM ET 
Networking Break

4:20 PM-4:50 PM ET
Panel Session: Improving the Student ASSESSMENT Process​

4:50 PM - 5:15 PM ET 
New Uses of Technology That Will Have Lasting Impact

2:35-2:50PM ET
Partner Keynote

3:00-3:30 PM ET
TechEd Tools and Lesson Strategies to Better ENGAGE Students​
The forced online learning environment has been a challenge for instructors and students alike. Keeping students attentive and engaged in a physical classroom or lecture hall is already a challenging proposition for higher education. This challenge is compounded greatly in a completely remote or a hybrid approach, and it is now the top priority among higher learning instructors. Attend this session and hear from instructors who have successfully embraced technology tools to keep their students engaged and learning.

3:40-4:10 PM ET
Ensuring Student ACCESSIBILITY in a Blended Learning Environment
One of the major challenging higher institutions are facing in moving to a blended learning environment is to ensure all students have access to learning materials, instructors and support. This includes having a comprehensive connectivity approach that not only boosts Wi-Fi and bandwidth but also includes online-friendly course design, easily accessible reference repositories and interactive support systems. Colleges and universities that strive to provide a truly equitable online learning experience need to implement an instructional model that ensures a level playing field for all students. Attend this session and learn elements needed to determine the success of online learning and provide a fair and fruitful experience.

4:20PM-4:50PM ET
Improving the Student ASSESSMENT Process
Whether designing an online or hybrid course from the ground up or revising an existing course for online delivery, creating an authentic assessment of students while preserving academic integrity is crucial. Faculty and instructors are having to rethink their courseware design to include different ways to monitor and assess a student’s progress and knowledge in an online or hybrid learning situation. With student motivation a challenge in the current higher education environment, instructors need to reconsider the old ways of assessing courseware progress and incorporate additional methods to measure a student’s understanding of the material while preserving academic integrity. Attend this session and learn how to choose the interactive tools and strategies to improve the student assessment process.

4:50-5:15 PM ET
Open Discussion: New Uses of Technology That Will Have Lasting Impact


Fierce Education is a place where higher education leaders, faculty, and administrators driving technology adoption decisions in education can access proven methods and best practices as they rethink pedagogy and business models in the new blended learning world. We cover the intersection where faculty and student needs meet. We highlight the collaboration of people, products and places that are leading the Fierce Education charge. We are doing this with the same “Fierce” tenacity shared by those in higher ed who are fighting their way to build better models for this evolving blended teaching and learning environment.